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Physical Activity


Winner of our Active School Slogan Competition – Aoife O’Donovan (6th Class)

At Templebreedy we have been encouraging being active throughout our school day.  Being active in school isn’t all about Physical Education (PE) so we have been incorporating various initiatives into our everyday learning.  We have been running activities every month, with a varied and different theme each month.  Throughout the day the children have been having short physical activity breaks using gonoodle and other get up and move activities.

The first activity we ran was the Run Around Europe in October and November.  All the children were involved in this from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.  A big thank you to our Playground Leaders and Committee members for helping to carry out this fabulous event.

In December we ran the fabulous 12 days of Fitmass event.  This consisted of the children partaking in a different event each day, on the hour, every hour. We were delighted to hear that a lot of the children continued this at home and encouraged their parents to join in as well.

Januarys activity was Operation Transformations 10@10.  The children all really enjoyed this and we kept it going for the whole month of January with the very diligent students were excellent at reminding teachers when it was 10am.  Unfortunately, as February and March were so unpredictable with the weather we were unable to run our stations as planned.  We did, however, continue our 10@10 and gonoodle breaks as often as we could.  We also had a lot of active trips during those months including the céilí in Colaiste Muire and the hockey blitz.

In April 4th, 5th and 6th class tracked their daily activity and tried to monitor whether or not they could maintain a physical activity level of 60 minutes a day.  They surprised themselves with what, and how much, physical activity they did throughout the day

Our May activity is Climb the Heights skipping challenge and we will set up our stations to run twice a week for the month of June.