Physical Activity

Physical Activity

‘Hockey, tennis, swimming and more, Templebreedy is active to the core’

At Templebreedy we encourage being active throughout the school day. Being active in school isn’t all about Physical Education (PE), physical activity is a key element in working towards becoming an active school. In Templebreedy we endeavour to incorporate various initiatives into our everyday learning.
Children have two daily playground breaks for all classes and all children are allowed to run and play together during playground breaks. In the first term children completed stations in the yard where they got the use of different sports equipment during break times.

Active School Walkway
Each class complete daily classroom movement breaks. Longer movement breaks are also provided on days when the children are unable to play outdoors. This year, each class has agreed upon a set of four actions to decrease sedentary time in the classroom.

All classes are taking part in the Active Break Every Day challenge this March as a whole school initiative. All children are completing their daily running challenge – the target is to ‘Run Around Ireland’. We are completing this challenge by running laps of the yard daily to achieve our goal.

In November and December all children took part in our active homework challenge. This was a great success and children were presented with their prizes and certificates before their Christmas holidays.
Our school incorporates PA into our annual calendar of events throughout the school year.